Tuesday, June 26, 2012

St. Catherine's

The city on the rolling hills
Where sound will never carry
Those voices I will never hear again
But tonight I have no choice
And so I cannot tarry
And the volume is turned down 'til I don't know when
Out of respect for those who sleep at St. Catherine's

Everyone here I love
Is resting in the night
But I drive in restless silence
Until I see street lights

I'm leaving in a few days
But I must say farewell
And I don't know how to even try
But 'to try' I always will

In the dewy morning
Again I drive up the hill
Cross the entrance and get lost
But find myself (I always do)

I see two marble angels
And muse that they had class
Then down cross the tiny bridge
Near the pillows in the grass

Teddy bears and dolls 
Tucked in among the stones
Little ones remain
Who never will grow old

Then the chapel
Where I once swayed
Should have thrice
But swept away

Still, I can recall the doves in the stained glass
Make a left at the marker of a nondescript pine tree
Left I guess or was it right?
It all seems wrong to me

I slow down to examine
More angels and an obelisk or four
The fine wrought-iron work
That filigrees a lavish door

And there's the bench
And now I'm finally here
To say hello I miss you
To say goodbye and shed another tear

There are three here
But just two names
(Because there's still discussion
over who is paying)

I wish I had the money
To end the noise
But my misdeeds are many
So therefore I've no voice

It's cold here
And the ground is colder still
I wanted to bring him here
To share with you

(He ran before I could)
How could I know
That just because he wept with me
Didn't mean he had a soul

When all else fails you can rely
On sorrow to be a friend
Standing steadfast as you grieve alone and lonely
At St. Catherine's

I left Her at St. Catherine's
She's resting at St. Catherine's
He lingers at St. Catherine's
These three, they all live there

I'm the only one who ever leaves
And everyone leaves me

Whether elsewhere or at St. Catherine's
The Sun will set and rise and burn
And no, I guess I'll never learn
The peace that fills St. Catherine's

It's not as if I have a choice
There's still so much I'm forced to do
I swear, I swear that I'll return
I cannot not remember you

No matter what my legacy
Bedim in another's memory I grow
I swear, I swear that I'll return
I cannot not remember you

I cannot not remember you

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