Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wuv Twu Wuv

I didn't know she existed. He'd *just* told an ex-girlfriend of his after I left him that it was best he remain alone because he knew he was fully responsible for the demise of our marriage so imagine my surprise that he was hot and heavy with someone and so soon.

 Not that he told an ex, which was obviously supposed to be communicated to me (I forgot to block her out of all the mutuals my lawyer insisted I unfriend, so at least it allowed me to completely close the breach and I reassessed my security settings as well). But one day I log onto FB and moments later get a notification that some stranger with no mutuals has subscribed to my profile.

 The timing was serendipitous. I thought it was some chick who thought I still played Sorority Life and clicked on her publicly open profile (better fix that, chica) and in ten seconds saw a display of pics of them together in clinches and typical lovey-dovey poses I don't recall ever once doing with him. Ah yes...he hated the camera. Oh and wasn't much into PDAs and uh....holy shit was she ugly as in hit by a truck (no offense to accident victims or trucks everywhere) and lo and behold, larger than life, a jpg of something about her never ever EVER being unfaithful to him unlike SOME people. And I laughed and blocked her.

I felt a little nauseated. He'd been telling people I was unfaithful. I guess he had to dream up something that made him the ultimate victim since he didn't have any gunshot wounds or gaping gouting holes in his head from the pickaxe in the garage but the truth was he was a sociopath as in certifiable. Not only had I been faithful, but he hadn't touched me in any meaningful way in four years and screwing someone on the side, but to this day a year and a half later, I'm still pristine and nearly cherry. Not even a solitary kiss from another.

So I mused on this after blocking this woman and tried to put myself in her shoes. There were photos of me all over the house (I left it all behind, all of it) and she had to be curious. I mentioned her name to a few friends because I was incredulous but I didn't stalk her. I can't say my friends were as noble. They stalk her to the nth degree but I tell them I don't want to know.

I'm not so noble. It's just....she has nothing on me. And I left him. If they found each other in the same dumpster, who am I to stand in the way of wuv twu wuv. Whatever access she has to me (my blog, forums I frequent, etc.) I don't mention her, well....except here, for posterity.  I think that's what she's looking for and my life started for real the moment I left him and she's just a shadow in the corner of my eye.

Now they're engaged. I used to pray that he never have an opportunity to hurt another woman again. Now I hope she has the brains to find a good lawyer when her time comes. Or maybe a defense attorney. Heh.

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