Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow Love

All my life I've loved snow. Then, over ten years ago, I got married and something odd happened; I feared, dreaded, and hated snow and yet found myself living in a snow belt. The strange wonderful thing is all of that's gone, including the marriage. I love snow again and love as in, new love, little kid excited puppy love, even madly in love and I live at an even higher elevation!

 But there's no more fear of falling, losing power, more dread of 'will it ever end?' or the roads will be more hate of the sight of it and mess and cold and wet.

 I'm watching it fall right now in the meadow outside my window, as it covers the woods beyond and I think of how beautiful and peaceful it is. And I'm grateful because it's a sign of what's changed within me and what's yet to come.

I wish you all peace and joy in the future, this new Golden Age. I wish you unlimited abundance, freedom, growth, and recovery. I wish you your heart's desires and mine too. I wish you sweet dreams and warm sunny days. I wish you success in all your endeavors and that you always have enough faith to believe in yourselves and those you love. And I wish you to be surrounded by people who love and appreciate and encourage your beautiful light within.

 Happy New Year!

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